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The companies could choose more than one answer for eachquestion. There arenew concepts in economics followed by the prefix "e" such as e-business, e-invoice, e-commerce, e-learning, e-sport. Understood as electronic business, electronic invoice, trade,etc. These are the typical terms occurring in the information society. The Internet is a new marketing tool, that is being used as a modern and rapid meansof communication and distribution. The modern market is saturated with many products andservices of various kinds.

The consumer is inundated from all sides by different kinds ofoffers, that is why he needs a adequate information to make purchase decisions. The marketorientation changed, nowadays the information in itself becomes a commodity at a specifiedmonetary value. What matters is to get the appropriate information to the client as soon aspossible, and the Internet ensures that. The creation of an electronic platform also caused changes in the market, by changingthe structure of existing businesses and creating a new category of activities called e-business.

It is understood as a business conducted via the Internet including the integration ofinformation flow between the company's internal operations of the activity on the network.

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Itshould not be identified with e-commerce, which applies only to electronic marketing andsales of products and services through a network. Electronic trade e-commerce is part of e-business that takes place in the virtual arena that is electronic economy Fig. Range of e-commerce on the background of the information society own study based on Gregor, B. Internet has a tremendous impact on today'stravel and tourism industry.

In the past few years, travel and tourism industry are growing withthe explosion of E-Commerce. The Internet has given rise to new kinds of- 20 -. In the field of e-tourism many different companies co-operate in order to produce thefinal customers service. This section will give an overview of the most popular businessmodels observable in the area of e-tourism.

It is the most common business model. In this model tourist service providershave a direct communication with tourists. Business to Business Model B2B Tourist service providers business like hotels, airlines, sells their products to otherbusiness like tour operators. To promote tourism, this model works with the linking ofdifferent businesses and through this it can provide and offer new, dynamic packages tothe tourists. Customer to Customer Model C2C Tourist can communicate with other tourists through the Internet forums, blogs andemail groups etc.

Traveler can make his journeyplan by discussing with other tourists. This is a special value chain in tourism. E-Commerce is potentially the matched business model courted by many industries,especially the tourism. For example, Travelocity. Developed countries generally followthis business model Rayport, Jaworski Source: Polska w liczbach , GUS - 21 -. However, before this Polish scientific institutions by using telephone lines united withforeign servers. GUS Central Statistical Office of Poland figures show a steady increase inthe number of computer users and users of the new medium which became the Internet.

Wecan see the development of information society in Poland, seen by large growth in the use ofnew technologies in various areas of life and business Fig. In , there were already 10 million networkusers. Currently about However, the reach of the Internet is still lower than in European countries. In Poland, theInternet uses only In recent years, the demographic profile has changed.

Young users are the majority, however,there is seen an increase in participation of older people, especially over 55 years of age.

Thisis related to an increase in awareness and acquisition of skills these people in the use ofcomputers and the use of Internet resources Fig. Decreasing the percentageof the population using the Internet at school or college, is caused by the greater and easieraccess to the Internet at home Fig. Source: Polska w liczbach , GUS - 23 -. More than half of the companies in Poland run their own website.

Most of these pages is used to presentfolders, products or pricing.

Growing importance of different types offorums and websites about tourism on which you can get acquainted with the opinions andexperiences of other person. There is also noticeable growing use of the Internet to compareprices of tourist services Produkty i usługi Internet also plays an important role in the decision-making process about thedestination place and the choice of the travel agency. For Every second Polish Internet user isvisiting tourist sites. Most of the Polish tourism enterprises are already in cyberspace, even by having avirtual business card, which is the company website.

All surveyed companies use the Internet for communication purposes, as well aspromoting their businesses. E-commerce has changed notonly the way business is conducted but primarily caused revenue growth of organizations andby this the entire tourism sector. By adopting IT technologies enterprises can reduce costswhile at the same time increasing their revenue strategy.

Many companies in the tourism- 25 -. Thanks to the Internet businesses can also learn about consumers and meettheir needs and preferences.

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In general the Web is essential to business growth. The prospective traveler is ableto visit different websites to compare prices being offered for similar travel or holidaypackages. The results from this question showed that companies can reduce overheads, eliminatecommissions or cut market and fulfillment costs. Respondents considered that the mainbenefits of e-commerce in their enterprises are providing and sharing information about theproducts and services and the fact that the Internet is an innovative way of getting newcustomers.

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This results implies that respondents are less aware of benefits such as: linkingwith other business entities. Successful adoption and efficient usage of e-commerce is dependent on the environment thedrivers and inhibitors are diverse within different countries and also within specific industries Werthner, Ricci The aim of the next survey question is to mention and understand thebarriers and how and also why Polish tour operators and hotels may inhibit the adoption andusage of e-commerce in their companies.

There a number of barriers for tourism organizations in adopting e-commerce inPoland. Travel and tourism demonstrate how e-commerce can change the structure of an industry and create new business opportunities. Technological and business applications are changing every day and new cultures areevolving, especially in tourism because it is an interesting field of application as well asresearch.

It is believed that community will gain more importance as the Internet becomeseven more pervasive in the new global economy. The Internet brings various benefits tocustomers and to organizations. Elias, E. Gregor, B. Nalazek, M. Informatyka w hotelarstwie. Polska w liczbach Produkty i usługi turystyczne w Internecie. Rayport, J. Turban, E. Werthner, H. Wykorzystanie technologii informacyjno-telekomunikayjnych w przedsibiorstwach igospodarstwach domowych w Rewolucja internetowa doprowadziła do rónych zmian, nawet i w tym rynku, zwłaszcza wdystrybucji informacji turystycznej i oraz sprzeday.

Znaczenia Internetu dla branyturystycznej w cigu ostatnich lat wzrosło gwałtownie, dlatego wiele organizacji, które szaangaowane w turystyk, przenosz swoje usługi na on-line. Trwajcy procesinformatyzacji i rozpowszechnianie Internetu zmieniły obraz współczesnego rynkuturystycznego, prowadzc do tworzenia elektronicznych form sprzeday.

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E-commerceprzynosi nowe moliwoci nie tylko dla instytucji lub dla podrónych, ale take dla- 28 -. E-commerce i turystykawspółgraj ze sob bardzo dobrze, pozwalajc na przepływ informacji w Internecie na całymwiecie bez adnych barier, stajc si wspaniałym kanałem dystrybucji. Decyzja o zakupieproduktów turystycznych jest czsto uzaleniona od informacji dostarczanych przez rodkimasowego przekazu: prasa, telewizja i Internet.

Internet wywiera ogromny wpływ jako ródłoinformacji dla turystyki. Przez Internet klienci mog szybko i precyzyjnie znale informacjena temat rónych atrakcji turystycznych, produktów lub usług. Jest to bardzo wane w celukoordynacji i harmonizacji okrelonego łacucha dystrybucji, poniewa jest to istotnyelement systemu logistycznego w brany turystycznej. Proces dystrybucji obsługiwany przeze-commerce pozwala obniy całkowite koszty logistyki, przy jednoczesnym wzrociepoziomu obsługi klientów.

Wiele bada wykazało, e wikszo konsumentów wybierakorzyci z moliwoci oferowanych przez e-commerce w turystyce, anieli przeztradycyjnego agenta turystycznej, poniewa Internet jest do dyspozycji przez cały dzie. Kolejne powody to samoobsługa, jako interfejsu i ceny, poniewa Internet pozwala naporównanie cen podróy, odwiedzajc róne strony internetowe touroperatorów. Niniejszy artykuł zajmuje si e-turystyk i innowacj. Celem niniejszego artykułu jestprzedstawienie sposobu i zakresu korzystania z najnowszych technologii, ze szczególnymuwzgldnieniem Internetu w polskim rynku dystrybucji informacji i usług, zwłaszcza wturystyce.

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Prezentowany jest równie rozwój społeczestwa informacyjnego w Polsce i jegopozycja wród krajów europejskich w poziomie rozwoju Internetu. Przedstawione wyniki bada, przeprowadzonego na Dziki rozwizaniom z dziedziny IT,moliwe było ograniczenie kosztów logistycznych i dotarcie do wikszego gronapotencjalnych klientów. Recenzoval: Prof. Pavol Rybár, PhD. Bedich Michálek, Ph. Vysoká škola logistiky Perov, katedra humanitních a pírodovdných disciplíne-mail: bedrich. Dvod je nkolik, pedevším však je to odlehlost kontinentu od zbytku svta a s tím spojenénároky a požadavky na cestu do Austrálie.

Rozloha zem, malá hustota osídlení a jeho znanánerovnomrnost rovnž komplikuje cestování za jednotlivými turistickými cíly. V roce pijelo do Austrálie 5 zahraniních návštvník, v roce však pedpokládáaustralská vláda již více jak 8 milion návštvník. V píspvku jsou uvedeny další turisticky zajímavé cíle a aktivity,které mohou zatraktivnit cestování v této zemi. AbstractAustralia has considerable tourist potential but as yet little exploited.

There are severalreasons, but primarily the continent's remoteness from the rest of the world and the relatedrequirements and demands for a trip to Australia. The vastness of the country, low populationdensity and its considerable irregularity also complicates travelling to particular touristattractions. In , 5,, foreign visitors arrived in Australia; however, the Australiangovernment assumes already more than 8 million visitors in The most visited part ofAustralia is the east coast, followed by "Red Centre" with the city of Alice Springs and thelegendary rock of Uluru and north of Australia called "Top End", i.

The paper presents anotherinteresting tourist destinations and activities that can make travel in this country moreattractive. Klíová slovaZahraniní návštvníci Austrálie, navštvované oblasti Austrálie, turistické cíle v AustráliiKey wordsInternational visitors of Australia, most visited areas of Australia, tourist destinations inAustralia1. ÚVODVýstední kontinent - neexistuje výstižnjší pojmenování tohoto svtadílu.